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1976 - 2021
Embodying the brand
Paying attention to store façades
More than
meets the eye
To know
inside out

Rimowa's retail
design journey

After developing designs and concepts with RIMOWA, the German luggage brand has been blossoming in cities across the globe. From stand-alone boutiques to outlets in malls, RIMOWA’s branding now comes with an unparalleled presence to match its iconic designs. Reflecting its great craftsmanship are the stores’ layout, developed in partnership with Kingsmen.

Embodying the brand

The design of flagship stores pays attention to the architectural structure, supporting a stately presence for the brand.
For RIMOWA’s flagship store in Myeongdong, Korea, we paid tribute to the brand’s trademark suitcases. The building façade was made to look like the surface of the brand's renowned aluminium suitcase, with LED illumination that accentuated the signature ridged suitcases that RIMOWA is known for.
Making the flagship store look like the brand's bestselling suitcase was no easy task. Creating an aesthetic that reflected the brand's ethos required the inputs from architects and urban landscapers as we had to preserve the existing structure of the period building that the store was set in.

Paying attention to store façades

The RIMOWA brand ties travel and lifestyle together flawlessly. Every store is a promise of travelling in high style, and an anticipation of supreme comfort at your destination. To allude to this romantic notion of travel, the store layout aims for spaciousness, with wide aisles between products that are displayed with a futuristic, space-age look.
RIMOWA at Senayan City, Indonesia. Designed with Ardes Design Associate.
What is distinctive about RIMOWA’s storefronts is the selection of materials synonymous with the brand.

More than meets the eye

Rimowa's stores aim to inspire, with a focus on the culture of innovation at the brand's core. We made sure the materials used were understated and subtly accommodated to ensure that the products take centrestage.
In the Galleria departmental store in Gwanggyo, Korea, RIMOWA’s concession space is delineated by silver metal and blonde wood. This neutral palette offers the perfect backdrop for the brand’s colourful and vibrant offerings. Customers become aware of this visual dynamism as they move between the two zones.

To know
inside out

With each roll-out of a new RIMOWA store, the brand takes the opportunity to introduce fresh design elements so that the message — that RIMOWA is the brand of choice when it comes to travelling in style — is continually enhanced.