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1976 - 2021

DHL Integrated Showrooms

Partnering companies to help them achieve their vision has always been a part of our mission to go the distance with our clients. DHL, a globally renowned brand in the logistics industry with over 50 years of heritage, has worked with us since 2015 to develop integrated spaces that best represent them from integrated showrooms, home-based innovations, or office solutions.


Within each DHL integrated showroom, an impressive display of its latest innovative solutions inspires creativity and brings DHL's personality into being. From Asia, America, and Europe, every innovation centre is unique yet consistent in its messaging.
We are constantly developing ways to express the innovative qualities of the brand through varying interpretations of its centrepieces. Among the various changes, the showroom of the Asia Pacific Innovation Centre (APIC) tests the idea of dimensions using digital screens separated into several blocks.

This version of the centrepiece created a display that appears in 4D. 12 pieces of 46-inch seamless screens were stacked over four levels on a raised circular platform. Enhanced by illumination from the curved light boxes suspended over the screens, and motion initiated by the two robotic arms, this platform is undoubtedly the focus of attention.
Over at the Americas Innovation Center, we utilised the vastness of space available to create a show stopping suspended centrepiece that signifies the beginning of a visitor's journey.

The showroom is designed around the notion that every innovation centre is the nucleus of its customer-centric innovation approach of today and the future. Every location is built as a continuous and open space that is conceptual and physically translate the creative process taking place.


The future is illuminated in the showroom. Envisioning what could be the next gamechanger requires a space to wonder about the big question of: What’s next?
The large floorspace is thus accompanied by a single giant screen against the wall that allows it to be used for a variety of functions, such as product launches, workshops and meetings.  
Each floor has its own open workspace, designed with group collaboration in mind. Thanks to the central void, these spaces are all visually connected. A modular approach transformed them into smaller experiential rooms through modular wall panels. With this arrangement, the enclosed spaces allow projection show for further engagements especially in corners of the room marked by building blocks.


The double-height ceiling adds promising impression to the centre. Beyond the event space, the space houses a 'Solution Hub' - a two-storey build that gives visitors the change to work alongside DHL to create, customize, commercialize and scale innovative solutions.
The mezzanine level creates pockets of privacy for any business conversations amidst events. It shows how a simple multi-storey building can become spatially complex, while maintaining openness with spaces that are visually connected.  

We also refreshed the workspace on Level 2 which spans over 1,070 sqm. The area is now a harmonious blend of two distinct looks – modern-industrial and futuristic.