1976 - 2021
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For 45 years, we have surmounted the challenges of today, while envisioning the possibilities of tomorrow. Innovation has come through expansion into new environments, initiatives and constant creativity.
Discover how our values define us and stretch our imagination in creating memorable experiences.
Starting off our early years by building luxury boutiques for some of the world's most prestigious brands.
From past to present, the assortment of retail pop-ups, stores, shop concessionaires, boutiques and flagship stores to public events and exhibitions, has led to new possibilities on the horizon.
From Takashimaya in Vietnam to Simons Galeries de la Capitale - a sustainable department store concept in Quebec, Canada, we have earned a reputation around the world for an inspirational approach to retailing.

(Photo by Stephane Groleau)
We made the sustainability experience a reality for Swedish furniture company IKEA as they launched IKEA Lab - a pop-up concept which hopes to inspire homeowners to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.
By combining curiosity, a penchant for challenging status quo and years of experience, the result is a company that creates many of the world's first that becomes the next talk of the town. Drawing on the foundation of our early years, we ignite the next wave of innovation.
Breathing new life into authentic experiences
Blending content, technology and design
Reimagining cultural heritage and diversity
Building spaces for discovery of self and the world
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